Perl programming service to maintain your business applications

Legacy Perl programs are no longer a hindrance to modernization.

We look after and manage your Perl applications, thereby freeing your time to concentrate on growing the business. Save on costs and increase the efficiency. Month to month contract and no minimum term. You can try our service for free.
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For Businesses

Many web sites and server side programs regularly use Perl. Understanding some of these legacy systems requires a thorough knowledge of the Perl language. When replacing all old programs with new is not a viable option, a business must have a knowledgeable Perl programmer in the team. There is no business sense in hiring someone just for the purpose of maintaining legacy software.

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Service 2

For Developers

Whether you are a regular, novice or experienced Perl programmer there will be occasions when a bug in the code or a suitable method to solve a task that stumps you. By having a source for quick and reliable help can increase your performance greatly.

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Service 3

Plan Details

A highly experienced programmer in Perl, who will be available at call to complete your designated tasks, is assigned to your business. It is always the same person you deal with, who will examine your Perl programs to modify or fix issues. For a business, she will also regularly monitor the performance of the applications to avoid unexpected issues and, after discussing with you first, fix them.

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Thanks so much for your dedicated attention to our needs (Perl CGIs). Your work is exemplary. When we needed some "fine tuning" on our customized CGI scripts (in Perl), you were there in a flash - very impressive! You have set the standard as far as we are concerned. I wish I could spread this message to EVERYONE on the net! Terry Diener, King County Police Officers Guild, USA.


Even more impressive than the software itself has been the level of personalised, prompt, efficient, thorough and helpful technical support. This alone has justified the money I have spent on the software, and customer service at this level is very hard to find these days. Thanks WebGenie for everything! I have already started recommending you to others, and will continue to do so. Monique Lisbon, Living Hope Resources, Australia.

Author 3

Thank you very much for your great support and help. We have some further developments in mind and will be contacting you shortly regarding purchasing other of your products/services. Geoff & Ann Napier. Cygnus Books, UK.




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  • 1 person or business (SME)
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  • 1 group of businesses (SME)
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