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Maintain legacy Perl applications at a fraction of the cost of an employee. We assign a resourceful programmer to monitor all your applications and fix the issues as required.


The cost of this service depends on the number and complexity of your applications and starts at $495 per month. The average cost for a medium sized business is around $2,000 per month. More details.

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Business Services

Many web sites and server side programs use Perl. Understanding these legacy systems requires a thorough knowledge of the Perl language. When replacing all old programs with new is not a viable option, a business must have a knowledgeable Perl programmer in the team. There is no business sense in hiring someone just for the purpose of maintaining legacy software.

We study, document and/or maintain your legacy Perl programs at a fraction of the cost of employing a dedicated programmer.


How does it work?

A highly experienced Perl programmer, who will be available at call to complete your designated tasks, is assigned to your business. It is always the same person you deal with. This person will take instructions from you to modify or fix issues in your existing applications. They will also regularly monitor the performance of the applications to avoid unexpected issues and, after discussing with you first, fix them.

All job requests are completed within a few days - often in less than 24 hours - of being lodged.  To be practical and to keep the costs down the work is generally carried out remotely. Large projects that require several days to complete may get a programmer sent to your premises, subject to geographical constraints.

Situations where this service is required

An ecommerce enabled website requires continual monitoring and updating to remain productive. Changes in web technology must be applied to give a contemporary look for the site, or risk losing potential customers. A site built and deployed two years ago, but never touched since then, is silently losing potential customers. In order to keep the current looks and feel, one must continually update and fix, often subtle, issues. For example, the CAPTCHA method used to stop form spam has undergone many changes in the last few years. A site that still employs the method from five years ago is very likely to lose a customer at the checkout.

You might also encounter a situation where a third party service has changed, and suddenly your site stops working as it used to.

Or, you might get an inquiry from a user about something that requires a look at the programs.

In all these situations, and more, a dedicated resource that you can turn to will help your business enormously. Often these situations are not frequent enough to warrant an in-house person. We fill the gap very cost-effectively.


Service Name

Perl Developer Assistance


We provide expert review of your Perl code and suggest ways to fix errors and increase efficiency.

When do you need it?

Whether you are a novice or experienced Perl programmer there will be occasions when a bug in the code or finding a suitable method to solve a task that stumps you. By having a source for quick and reliable help can increase your performance greatly.


The cost of this service depends on the number and complexity of your queries and starts at $95 per month. More details.


How does it work?

We assign a highly experienced Perl programmer to answer your questions in a timely and precise way. In most cases it is always the same person you deal with. To premium clients all requests are responded as priority, often in a few minutes of being lodged.

We give more than what you get from forums and tutorial sites. Our service will be completely confidential. We will, if necessary, examine and debug your code. With our help you can meet deadlines and standards much more effectively.